Recycling plastics using ‘Plastic Switch’

Since April 2021, it is mandatory for companies to comply with the new acceptance conditions for PMD. In practice, this means it is necessary to selectively collect PMD and ‘plastics’, such as plastic films, hard plastics, strapping and EPS (isomo). With our sustainable collection method ‘The Plastic Switch’ as a logistical solution, this need not be a tedious chore.

What is the ‘Plastic Switch’?

The recycling of plastics is an art in itself. At Containerservice Gielen in Genk (Limburg), the possibilities in terms of processing and transport are extremely versatile. Depending on the type, quality and purity, we choose the optimal processing process. As a Val-I-Pac operator and using sustainable recycling, Gielen gives a second life to all your plastics. This only gets easier with our ‘Plastic Switch’ method.

By introducing the ‘Plastic Switch’, we will collect your ‘plastics’ in the bags provided for this purpose along with your PMD. That way, you can easily offer up to 7 of these bags together per emptying of your PMD container and we will prevent these materials from ending up illegally with residual waste. Have you not yet purchased a roller container for PMD? Then you can still benefit from the Plastic Switch when you order one. Even if you have no PMD waste to offer, we can collect just the bags of plastics on payment of a call-out fee.

The 4 ‘plastics’ bags

There are 4 ‘plastics’ bags that you can offer together with your PMD waste:

  • Bag for pure foils (400 l)
  • Bag for hard plastics (300 l)
  • Bag for EPS/isomo/styrofoam (500 l)
  • Bag for strapping (300 l).

However, it is important to use the right bag per waste material and not mix. A closure is also provided to properly seal the waste bags.

The ‘Plastic Switch’: your sorting aid!

The ‘Plastic Switch’ helps you to:

  • Comply with the legal sorting obligations in Belgium
  • Reduce the volume of your residual waste
  • Minimise your impact on the environment
  • Maximise recycling
  • Ensure the quality of these raw materials.

Moreover, together we save unnecessary kilometres through this joint collection.

More advantages with the Plastic Switch

By using the ‘Plastic Switch’ as a collection method, you can receive up to €225 in start-up premiums with the collection of PMD, plastic packaging waste, wooden packaging waste, plastic strapping, cardboard or EPS. Will you start before 31 December 2022? Then you will already receive a welcome bonus of € 75. Furthermore, you can enjoy a number of additional bonuses:

  • Up to € 150 starter premium (when using a drop-off or roll-off container for the first time)
  • Bag premiums of € 0.50 per bag sold (for foils, EPS and strapping)
  • Recycling premium of up to € 50/tonne of waste (€ 10/tonne for wood/metal, up to € 30/tonne for plastic, etc.)
  • Container premiums of €40 to €80/year/container, depending on the type of container (for cardboard, plastic and wooden packaging)

Valipac certificate:

Affiliated operator



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