Recycling wood waste in Limburg by Gielen Container Service

Gielen Container Service is also more than happy to give wood a second life. It can thus be processed into chipboard or used as green fuel. Reducing the waste mountain starts with correct collection, processing and recycling of waste.

Our high-tech equipment ensures an optimal result. We break down the wood waste and purify it in an innovative wood crushing facility. The wood is then sifted and transported to storage boxes.

We distinguish 3 grades of recyclable wood:


Producer, Processor

A wood: pure solid, untreated wood waste

  • pallets
  • Valipac logo cases
  • crates
  • cable drums
  • beams
  • saw dust
  • blocks

AB wood: non-hazardous, treated wood waste

  • chipboard
  • plywood sheets
  • osb-sheets
  • painted wood
  • scrap wood
  • furniture wood

B-wood: non-hazardous treated wood waste

  • mdf-sheets
  • hardboard
  • softboard

C wood: hazardous, treated wood waste

  • impregnated wood
  • railway sleepers
  • telephone poles


The purified wood chips / wood strips are used as raw material in the production of chipboard, ground cover, impact-attenuation surface material, track material in horse paddocks, etc. The recycled wood chips replace freshly felled wood, which is much more environmentally friendly.


The purified wood chips and shavings are used as sources of energy in the wood-burning process for generating heat, steam, electric power, etc. They replace fossil fuels and thus contribute to the environment.

Discover our brochure ‘A solution for waste wood’ here.

‘Een oplossing voor afvalhout’